Fresh water fishes

Since 2008

Image Latin name Specification
a1 Pangasius Hypophthamus Pangasius fillet, skinless, boneless, white meat, red meat off, belly off, fat off, IQF
Size 170/220gr, 220gr/up
Glazing: 10%, 15%, 20%
Packing 1kg x10/CTN
a2 Pangasius Hypophthamus Pangasius cube, white/light pink meat,
Size 25/35gr, glazing 10%, 15%, 20%
Packing 1kg x 10/CTN
a3 Pangasius Hypophthamus Pangasius steak slice, bone in, skin on, with a tail
Size 3-5cm, glazing 20%
Packing 1kg x10/CTN
a4 Pangasius Hypophthamus Pangasius WGG (Whole, gut off, gill off)
Size 500-800, glazing 10%
Packing: bulk 5kg or 10kg
dc7beaa772dc9582cccd Pangasius Hypophthamus Pangasius roll
Size 50gr, glazing 10%
Packing: 500gr/PE x 10/CTN

Pangasius Hypophthamus

Pangasius fillet industrial block
Size 5.0, 7.5kg/block

Oreochromis niloticus

Black Tilapia WGGS (Whole, gut off, gill off, scale off)

Size 300-600gr, 600-900gr. Pack: IQF, IWP, 4kgs / 5kgs / 10kgs/CTN

a8 Clarias macrocephalus

Catfish WGG (Whole, gut off, gill off)

Size 500-800gr, 800gr-up. Pack: IQF, IWP, 4kgs, 5kgs, 10kgs/CTN

a9 Oreochromis spp

Red Tilapia WGGS (Whole, gut off, gill off, scale off)

Size 300-500gr, 500gr-800gr. Pack: IQF, IWP, 4kgs / 5kgs / 10kgs/CTN

26185266cc1d2b43720c Clarias macrocephalus

Walking catfish fillet

1c95c916546db333ea7c Puntius altus

River barb tinfoil

2af65952da293d776438 Channa spp
Snakehead WR
538ff3aa72d1958fccc0 Colossoma brachypomum
Red pomfret
539f7ec4f3bf14e14dae Channa spp Snakehead fillet skin on
3e892066d31d34436d0c Channa spp Snakehead fillet skinless
7081c2433538d2668b29 Macrobrachium rosenbergii Fresh water Shrimp
f0c7034bfb301c6e4521 Rana tigrina
Frog legs
3fed17ebe8900fce5681 Macrobrachium lancestary Baby Shrimp
d3b3bd9340e8a7b6fef9 Stolephorus commersonii
Fresh water anchovy
e5c8279dc1e626b87ff7 Anabas testudineus
Climbing perch
37496da989d26e8c37c3 Notopterus notopterus
Chitala Chitala (hadiul)



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