Factory Audit

Since 2008

Our Factory Audit adheres to the internationally recognized ISO 9000 Standards for Quality Management Systems.

Our qualified auditors independently assess everything from production capacities and quality control systems to staff facilities and working conditions. We go on site and get the information you need to ensure high-quality suppliers. Confirm your factory has the production capacity and quality to meet your production needs.

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Why you need a Factory Audit (FA)?

Performing a Factory Audit is a cost-effective, time-efficient way to compile a complete profile of your supplier, so that you know if they're reliable – before you give them your business.

 Our Factory Audit ensures:

Your supplier's factory exists and is operational

Machinery is suitable to manufacture your product

Factory management is competent

Your supplier uses only quality vendors

Finished product will be stored safely

Production will start and finish on time

When should a Factory Audit be Performed?

Always perform a factory audit before you release your official Purchase Order. The purpose of a factory audit is to assess whether or not that supplier is capable of completing your product order on time, to your quality expectations. Also, before production, your auditor can conduct interviews, inspections, and access records – without disrupting your production schedule.

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We check all information of the factory follow items as below:

Company overview:

+ General information

+ Building information

Human resources

+ Company chart:

+ Employee Headcount

Production capacity

+ Production capacity

+ Production machinery

Quality assurance

+ Quality Management system certification

+ Quality control management

+ Supplier management

Production process management:

+ R&D Capacity

+ Production flow chart

+ Inspection product samples