Production Monitoring

Since 2008

For challenging or sensitive orders, have an inspector monitor your production and report daily to identify and fix problems in real-time.

Why You Need Production Monitoring: Production Monitoring puts an inspector onsite during the production cycle, representing your interests, to ensure production, materials, quality, schedules are at the level you and your manufacturer initially agreed upon.

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What is Product Monitoring?

Keep your factory accountable start to finish. Production Monitoring means an on-site Product Inspection performed every day of your production. An inspector scrutinizes your factory, enforcing your specifications, selecting units at random for inspection and identifying and eliminating defects. You receive daily reports regarding quality and completion status, putting you in control of the entire process
For all inspections, We uses the standard internationally recognized HACCP and GMP statistical sampling procedure. These comprehensive criteria cover: functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimension. Inspection certificates are issued if stipulated in the letter of credit.

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We use the internationally recognized Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) standard for all product inspections. For each inspection, this allows the client to set their acceptable quality tolerance levels.

Representing your interests in the factory, we inspect as per your specifications and/or sample(s) provided. We provide you a detailed report with photos, enabling you to make an informed decision to accept or reject the production.